Django Related-Object Changelinks

Foreign key and Read-only example.

Raw ID example.

Related Object Fields

Any related-object field which corresponds to an object registered within the same admin site will provide a link to the saved object. It specifies the name in the link to avoid confusion if the user changes the value of the select widget. Many-to-many fields are left alone.

The links use a related_field_changelink CSS class to allow re-styling or hiding.

Read-only Fields

Read-only fields behave similarly, however don't require explicit object names in the links.

The links use a readonly_changelink CSS class to allow separate re-styling or hiding.

Raw ID Fields

Raw ID fields also provide links without explicit object names.

See ticket #13165

Tabular and stacked inlines example.

Inline fields

Inline objects registered in the same admin site provide "edit separately" links to allow the user to visit their specific admin change page. This allows extra fields to be edited (if not show in inline), and access to inlines registered to the object ("recursive" inlines).

The links use an inline_changelink CSS class to allow separate re-styling or hiding.

See ticket #13163